4 Gym Brands to Look Out for in 2019

The popularity of gym wear has turned it from strictly workout orientated clothing to go-to stylish dress-down wear. Nowadays, people wear exercise clothing in and out of the gym. Everybody from mums on the school run to fitness fanatic teens making the most of their lecture breaks can be seen in so-called ‘athleisure’ wear. This means that new brands are popping up every day to try and compete with the likes of global leaders Nike and Adidas.

So, here are 4 gym brands to look out for in 2019:



  • Ivy Park


Beyoncé’s activewear line has been around since 2016 thanks to its not infamous partnership with Topshop. However, Beyoncé officially cut ties with Topshop in 2018 and is set to relaunch with Adidas. This is incredibly exciting news for athleisure fans everywhere, as they’ll be treated with a whole new collection from Beyoncé and Adidas.

You can expect to see lots of khaki, black and monochrome styles inspired by military designs, as well as brand new trainers. Thanks to Kanye West’s success with Yeezy’s, it appears Beyoncé could be set to do the same with Ivy Park. Proving that collaborations between big brands and creatives are still going strong.



  • Bonds


Bonds is mostly popular in Australia for its range of comfortable, fashionable underwear. Though, that’s not all they do. They also have a line of athletic wear that will transform your sports wardrobe forever! What’s more, their designs are bright, colourful patterns to add a bit of cheer to your workout clothing collection. They carry both women’s and men’s clothing, as well as a line for kids. With comfortable leggings and supportive sports bras, Bonds could easily be your one stop shop for all things gym wear.



  • Vypex


Though it’s a relatively new gym apparel brand on the scene, it’s poised to make its mark in 2019. For those who aren’t into bright, bold colours when it comes to their gym clothing, Vypex may just be your solution. With black, grey, burgundy and khaki forming the basis of their range, it’s ideal for getting your sweat on in the gym. Their muscle fit hoodies and women’s sports bras and leggings ensure there’s something for everyone in their collection.



  • Girlfriend Collective


If like many people you’ve started to become a little more eco-conscious about your fashion choices, then Girlfriend Collective may be your new favourite brand. They were the first to take plastic water bottles and turn them into activewear, an impressive feat for a still relatively new brand. They’re incredibly transparent about their factory processes, with information about where exactly they source the plastic from – which just so happens to be ‘garbage island’ in Taiwan.

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